Our History

Semke Grading LLC’s beginnings can be traced back to the “Flood of ’93.” Back then Von Semke was a third generation farmer, who along with his wife, Brenda, was running a farming operation in the St. Charles area.

Then the flood hit and Semke’s farmland was overrun with water. When the floodwaters finally receded he found himself facing a new problem – sand … lots and lots of sand.

Semke’s hundreds of acres of farmland were covered by anywhere from 1 to 10 feet of sand.

So they bought their first Caterpillar Challenger and scrapers and began the hard work of clearing the sand. This hard work was the beginning of Semke Grading LLC.

Over the past 22 years, Semke Grading has become known in the St. Louis area for providing high quality service.